Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For the love of SAND

Quite awhile back I won a giveaway hosted by Bec from Chasing Cottons
all for me!!!

I really love the pattern Sand Castles. Bec used the "Far Far Away 2"  for her sand castles which is very clever and cute 

but I wanted sand for my castles.
So today I gave it a go
Just one castle (at the moment)

I didn't have enough sand coloured material until I went through the stash Kate gave me.
I had to modify the pattern slightly as the scraps weren't quite wide enough.

For the door

or the towers

The points on my towers aren't perfect but I love my sand castle.

Thanks Bec
Just before I go as usual David decided if mummy was taking photos there should be one of him

Have a good Australia Day!!!!


  1. oh its gorgeous!! I LOVE it!! Its so nice seeing it in other colours.. i havent seen anyone make it up before.. Thanks so much Steph!! Looks Amazing! Happy Australia day for tomorrow xx

  2. It looks fantastic Stephanie!! I really like the "modifications" and it's nice seeing it in sand colours :)

  3. Hey, well done on making the modifications with what you had! I think it looks great for it!

  4. Excellent castle Stepanie! (I hope you can hear the long vowel there ^_^) And a very cute photo of David ...he seems to have grow up even since you were here!

  5. Your getting very clever Steph.Cant wait to see it finished.Im using mine for my Nanny naps.Love always mum.