Monday, January 17, 2011

Long Time No See

Wow is this time of the year busy!!!!!
I know I have been absent for quite awhile now but boy have I been busy.
I have been sewing plenty and I'm sure I have heaps to blog about :)
I thought I would start the year with some sharing :)
My friend Kate got a sewing machine for Christmas and asked me to help her make a quilt.
It's so exciting to pass this bug to someone else!!!!!
We picked a fairly simple design and went shopping for fabric came home and made the top all in one day (WOW)
Here are some pics
 Now how does this go again?

Some very careful sewing

 Don't recommend photos in high wind areas but Kate seems to be having fun lol

Here it is one cot quilt top

Didn't she do a great job for her first go?

Will post again soon promise, been working on my own doll pattern :)


  1. Yay, now you have another quilter just around the corner again! I wish I was there to have some fun with you guys :)

  2. Great!!Kate.Good work.Love Ros.

  3. I finished it today Steph! I hope Ava doesn't mind if I give it to her in a frame....