Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My turn

It seems very few people wanted to blog about sewing over Easter. Everyone was up for speaking their mind.
It seems like fun :)
I thought I would have a turn, heheehe

Lets do confessions
1. I have never bought a quilt pattern (I have bought magazines)

2. I mostly buy my fabric at Spotlight, why? because its cheaper (I even get upset with how much they charge sometimes) I especially like the spend $100 pay $60 vouchers they send me.

3. I taught myself to sew and not very well and now I'm going to teach others probably totally wrong, but at least they will be using their sewing machines rather than letting them catch dust.

4. Ok here is my big one and it is fairly common, I'm over weight I admit it. My son took a picture of me over the weekend and I told him off (not meanly) for the angle at which he took it because it made me look fat.

I made the outfit!!!

My girlfriend pointed out to me that it wasn't Anthony's fault - the angle because of his height or the fat because of the extra 20kg I'm carrying lol.

hmmmm last but definitely not least

5. I like things that aren't perfect. My husband bought me the most beautiful Eternity Ring.

Bianca's thumb as I'm too fat to wear it

The diamond in the middle is quite large, to be able to afford such a large diamond it has some flaws - you can see them without magnification. I love it!!!! Because of those flaws not in spite of them. Life isn't perfect and I love life so why should anything else be.
Ok that's enough!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

What ya been doin

Busy busy sewing

Adara's Blanket

nice soft backing!

 A pillow case to match Dad's Quilt

A cushion for the quilting weekend

Now I need a rest LOL
Happy Easter!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The right model makes all the difference

My beautiful daughter makes anything she puts on look awesome!

Don't you love her nails only for the school holidays!

Looks totally domesticated hey?

I won't even post a picture of how I looked in it. Lets just say the band did go around my waist comfortably and that will have to be enough :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just a short

Just a short post about the apron I designed for the quilting weekend.
I put this together this morning.
I took pictures of each step so I thought I would do a tutorial to check if it will make sense.
I know there are heaps of tuts out there for utility aprons but I love mine and its really easy!!!
Will post that shortly for now just a pic :)

Utility Apron in Brights

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

41/2 star

I know its been awhile. I went to Adelaide to visit mum then school holidays started and that means you have to fight for the computer.

I have been busy though with my sewing.
My friend Kate and I are organising a beginners quilting weekend in July.
I have been busily designing simple patterns and looking at accommodation and food (mostly Kate on the food)
Here is what I have come up with so far.
not the materials we will be using- just a jelly roll I had lying around.

a cot quilt, a cushion and a snuggle
We will all so be making a utility apron.
Here is one of the fabric choices we will actually be using

brights fabric kit

We will all so have a pastel selection.
So where are we having this wonderful weekend?
Oaks Pacific Blue Resort (Salamander Bay)

We are offering our participants 2 nights accommodation (twin share), all sewing supplies, food and some amateur sewing tuition (from me) as well as transport from the Central Coast NSW to the resort (and back again) all for the grand total of $295.
We already have 2 definitely and we can only take 2 more.
It's going to be awesome!!!!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Ok so these little thing.s are totally addictive to make!

 I made the green one first
This guy is my favourite so far
I put wheat in them to give them some weight
 David was a little unsure at first
But who doesn't want to snuggle a Snuggle