Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Just a quick note.
I finished another Princess and the Pea Set.

This time we have a pink bag as well as the standard blonde doll 
(there is nothing wrong with a bit of Barbie peoples)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My New Friends

Well they aren't that new but they are finally finished!
Yes you heard right I finished my appliqué monsters.
managed to fix this one using a wider zigzag stitch.

sorry about the picture he is flat promise

this one is my favourite

this is everybody else's favourite

All together it looks like this
I really like the green border.

And here is the back
well the start of the back 
I'm half finished.

On another note Spotlight had a bit of a sale this morning on their clearance fabric.
Half the marked price had to be a little excited and a little controlled
Makes good mattresses for my Princess and the Pea Sets.
Some of the fabric was only $2 a metre, YAY!!!!

Thats it for me for now.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Wednesday Already!

OK my Dad is worried that poor Jack won't get his blanket so I have been working on it a bit.

I now officially hate appliqué or it hates me one of the two.
Here is the biggest mistake so far!

I will fix it but it isn't going to look as good as I had hoped.

Now that I have orders for my Princess and the Pea sets I do have to do some work on that as well.


bag material

Hobby fill

Laminated story sheets

Whats Martin doing to help?

My Hero

Friday, August 13, 2010


I really am going to work on Jacks quilt and even get it finished before winter is over but I am just so excited by the Princess and the Pea playset that I had to finish the bag.
Has 2 pockets on the front.
One for the doll
One for her pillow and the pea
dolly really enjoyed her photo shoot yesterday so here she is again with her new bag.
Each set contains
1 Princess Doll
1 Pillow
1 Pea
12 Mattresses
1 Story
1 Bag
see it does fit in there snuggly

I have decided to make up a few to sell at a fete sort of thing Brooke Avenue Public School is having in October.
I needed peas though so Martin went through his extensive rang of marbles and found me these.

He could only find 17(one is in the set I already made)
He says the green ones weren't really popular so he didn't have a lot of them lol.

Now I really must get back to Jacks quilt!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


OK so I was supposed to work on Jacks quilt today, but I started something else instead.

 This is my version of the Princess and the Pea playset.

Certainly not an original idea, you can find examples all over the net.
Anyway I love it!

I do need some help though.
I want to know if you think this bag is the right size (its not the fabric I want to use)

David wouldn't let me take photos without him

Must get back to it!!!! YAY!!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Taking my Time

I have been so busy. The little boys are becoming so much more demanding of my time. That means not too much quilting.
On Thursdays and Friday Jack goes to preschool and David sleeps for a couple of hours so that when I quilt.
So last week I worked on two projects.
First up I made another naughts and crosses set.

This one is the best so far!

It was a present for a Birthday Party on the weekend.

The second project is a blanket for Jack for nap time at preschool.
I am basing it on "Little Monsters" from Don't look now.
I am making a cot sized quilt so some alterations

some laying out

some more laying out

then some relaying out

Once I was happy with the over all look I started laying out some of the details

Now I just have to work on the appliqué.
I am very nervous!!!!!

But thats next weeks project so I'll worry about it then.