Monday, August 9, 2010

Taking my Time

I have been so busy. The little boys are becoming so much more demanding of my time. That means not too much quilting.
On Thursdays and Friday Jack goes to preschool and David sleeps for a couple of hours so that when I quilt.
So last week I worked on two projects.
First up I made another naughts and crosses set.

This one is the best so far!

It was a present for a Birthday Party on the weekend.

The second project is a blanket for Jack for nap time at preschool.
I am basing it on "Little Monsters" from Don't look now.
I am making a cot sized quilt so some alterations

some laying out

some more laying out

then some relaying out

Once I was happy with the over all look I started laying out some of the details

Now I just have to work on the appliqué.
I am very nervous!!!!!

But thats next weeks project so I'll worry about it then.

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  1. Jack will be the envy of all the kids at Kindergarten.