Thursday, January 31, 2013

PR&P S6 W4

My French Cupcake

 I know I missed week 3
It is all cut out and I will get to it but things got on top of me and there was no sewing going on at our place.
But I'm back and ready to go

 LOVE is in the air 
and Little J is head over heels in LOVE
with cupcakes 
and fashion of course :)

Little J's top is based on this pattern
I turned it into a top and used casings and elastic in the arms instead of shirring. 

The skirt is velvet, so is the applique
You may remember this fabric from these posts

 I am very much in LOVE with sashes and bows :)
This one was made from organic homespun
organic homespun

  I am totally taking credit for these BLACK leather ballet shoes
before anyone gets too excited I can only take credit for them being black :)

I wish I made the cupcake but I didn't :(
Great bit of shopping though!

Thank you Little J

Here are a couple of fun pics to finish off
(just to prove we do enjoy it)
 its just not a photo shoot without Little O lol.

Friday, January 18, 2013

PR&P S6 W2

A Little French Circus

Meet 2 very talented sisters in 2 extremely cute costumes :)
This is Little O & Little J

They are running away to join the circus (in Paris of course)

Little J has amazing balance

She wears a modified T-shirt - double collar, bow and applique bird (not pictured)

A beautiful headband

A pretty cuff bangle 

Jester shorts

A huge smile

and one leg warmer

But it would be lonely without Little O, the best big sister to make this a double act :)

Little O has all the tricks

She also has a huge smile

A feather, tulle and fabric covered button hair piece

A snap wrist bangle with huge ribbon flower

A modified T-shirt with lace collar and bird applique

As well as a bubble skirt and lace anklet

Little O sometimes gets discouraged

Will they ever make it to Paris?

but together they know they can conquer the world,
well Grandma Heather's backyard anyway lol

This shoot was a blast. I would like to thank by BFF for loaning me her beautiful children.
On to next week - Boys Week

Friday, January 11, 2013

PR&P S6 W1

Can you believe I haven't posted in over 2 months!!!!
I have been very very busy.
I am telling you those 14 Tutus nearly did my head in (actually my family would tell you they did)
But here we are in 2013 with a whole new season of Project Run & Play to enjoy YAY

This weeks theme was a pattern remix
I love Lindsay's sewing and patterns so I knew this week was exactly the kind of project that would get me sewing again, I'm telling you once I got started there was no stopping me :)

My French Dream

I made the dress almost exactly the same as the original to start with except I added the little sleeve and some lace trim around the neck. 

When I added the sash though I felt like it covered up the whole dress and I had only used a plain poplin so it was a bit boring, so I added the ribbon and beading.

Now comes the fun part, making it my own.
My very first thought when creating this dress was that I wanted multiple layers for the skirt and I didn't want them to be even, you know the only difference being fabric and length (I've already done that). I had lots of wild ideas but in the end I made a separate skirt that was the same length but different fabric and gathered it up in 2 places adding more beading.

I was worried it would fall down a little so I added velcro on either side to hold it in place :)

The photo shoot for this outfit was soooooo much fun.
We have a lovely lady in our life who my children call Grandma Heather (I do too). These photos were taken n her backyard. When I asked her if we could please use her yard for the photo shoot she said sure and patiently listened to me ramble on about what I was trying to achieve - she is good that way. Well when I got there that afternoon she had all sorts of surprises for me, props I couldn't have come up with in my wildest dreams and bribes for my model.

I am in love with this dress and I will definitely make more of them :)
p.s. Grandmother Heather found me some more awesome props that I will show you in Boys Week YAY