Friday, January 20, 2012

What's in a Name

My awesome BFF Kate made me this cute clutch purse/small bag for Christmas.

I absolutely love it!
She used some of my favourite fabric "Prince Charming" and I love my name on it.

A really thoughtful gift 
(better than mine to her - she got fabric)
Anyway turns out it isn't just pretty its practical too as it fits my coin purse(which I take everywhere) as well as my keys, my sun glasses and my earphones (for the gym)
So seeing as I love it so much thought I should copy it and make one for her :)
I happened to have a charm pack of "Prince Charming" that I still hadn't cut into so it was obviously meant to be.
Here they are together

I was really happy with how her name turned out, seeing as hand stitching is not a talent I've really developed.

I also did the whole cover the ends of my zippers thing.

Never done that before

I was quite happy with how they turned out 
(some minor flaws which I will fix next time)

I took my gift round to Kate, she seemed quite happy with it :)

Some people may be asking where is your entry for "Project Run and Play"
(probably not but anyhow)
It was a total disaster this week.
I had an idea of actually working with a vintage 1969pattern I picked up.
Well it seems I learnt a couple of things
1. Children have changed shape since the 60's
2. I don't work well with patterns.
Thankfully I only spent $2 on the material and I can cut it up and make something else lol

I'm not sure if I'll do next week either - its coats and we are in the middle of summer so not feeling very inspired for that one, but we'll see.

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