Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Time

So in this last week I had a birthday (not going to say which one ;P)
I received some lovely gifts

From my mother I got this

Trolley of drawers for my fabric

From my BB

My choice of material

From Miss Adara

They are nice and warm!

This came from my friend Jana

Beautiful Yellow Ballet Shoes
(reminds me of Danny Kaye in Hans Christen Anderson)

From everyone else I also got some lovely gifts
Thank-you to you all

Just to finish off I made another Naughts and Crosses set

This one is for the Preschool. My son is in the Reef Room.
They loved it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Any one for a game?

I was a little bored on the weekend, yes it was Biancas birthday but Martin had a thing in Sydney on Saturday morning so we were all watching movies and cleaning our rooms. Anyway I decided to try something different and make a tic tac toe quilt. I must admit not my own original idea was surfing blogs and saw one (sorry can't remember which blog). It is my own pattern for it though.

What makes mine different?

A pocket on the back to keep the piece and material pieces.

It is great for travelling as it folds up small!

I already want to make another as they don't take long, you use scraps, and I want to make some design changes!

In the mean time anyone for a game?

Friday, June 18, 2010

B B Butterfly

My Beautiful Bianca Turns 9 tomorrow. Of course she had to have a quilt!!!!

I let her choose the fabrics and have some input on the design.

The colours were a little too sweet for me, but that Bianca for you!
I added white to try to tame it a little.

The butterfly is actually from a cake template.

I decided to bind it with ribbon
(Won't be doing that again!)

And here is the finished quilt!!!
(sorry about the pic the light was a bit funny)

Happy Birthday B
I love you xxx

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What a mess

It has been very hectic around here lately!
Last week I had no phone and no internet, very bad!!!
I also found out that I'm pregnant again (that makes six)
Then to top it off I scratched my view finder and now the auto focus won't work on my camera :(
I guess things can only go up from here!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whats in Your Bag Today?

Yesterday i received a parcel in the post full of fabric. Exciting right?
Well actually it was a little scary.
After my last attempt at mum's quilt she decided to buy the fabric herself and send it to me.
In the parcel were 14  different fabrics (25cm of each)
My instructions were "You must use all the fabrics"
So I did and the top is almost done, just needs some sashing around the outside (need to buy more fabric, lol)
I would love to post a pic but seeing as mum is on here all the time now it will have to wait until November.

Love to add pictures though, lets start with this one

these were my favourite prints from mum's fabrics.

Had plenty left over of these ones so I made a bag.

My first attempt no pattern just copied a enviro shopping bag.
It was good fun, but after all that I think the sewing machine needs a rest!!!

So whats in my bag today? Knitting needles and wool (can't stop being creative)