Friday, June 18, 2010

B B Butterfly

My Beautiful Bianca Turns 9 tomorrow. Of course she had to have a quilt!!!!

I let her choose the fabrics and have some input on the design.

The colours were a little too sweet for me, but that Bianca for you!
I added white to try to tame it a little.

The butterfly is actually from a cake template.

I decided to bind it with ribbon
(Won't be doing that again!)

And here is the finished quilt!!!
(sorry about the pic the light was a bit funny)

Happy Birthday B
I love you xxx


  1. Happy birthday Biancha!
    You're a very lateral thinker Steph - using a cake tin! Love the butterfly applique!

  2. happy birthday bianca, love always your quilt.your mum is so clever.

  3. Fantastic! It is so Bianca-ish! LOL

  4. Nice work Steph! Happy birthday Bink!

  5. Well what a clever little sister i have hey, im really impressed Stephanie, im looking forward to mine in September thanks sis and i love Bianca's butterfly quilt, GOOD TASTE BIANCA! Love your big sister Cheryle xo