Monday, June 21, 2010

Any one for a game?

I was a little bored on the weekend, yes it was Biancas birthday but Martin had a thing in Sydney on Saturday morning so we were all watching movies and cleaning our rooms. Anyway I decided to try something different and make a tic tac toe quilt. I must admit not my own original idea was surfing blogs and saw one (sorry can't remember which blog). It is my own pattern for it though.

What makes mine different?

A pocket on the back to keep the piece and material pieces.

It is great for travelling as it folds up small!

I already want to make another as they don't take long, you use scraps, and I want to make some design changes!

In the mean time anyone for a game?


  1. I'll verse ya! We'll sit up the back of church...

  2. Hey Steph,
    I heard you've written a pattern for your game. Is this true? Good on you. Talk soon, Kate