Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Time

So in this last week I had a birthday (not going to say which one ;P)
I received some lovely gifts

From my mother I got this

Trolley of drawers for my fabric

From my BB

My choice of material

From Miss Adara

They are nice and warm!

This came from my friend Jana

Beautiful Yellow Ballet Shoes
(reminds me of Danny Kaye in Hans Christen Anderson)

From everyone else I also got some lovely gifts
Thank-you to you all

Just to finish off I made another Naughts and Crosses set

This one is for the Preschool. My son is in the Reef Room.
They loved it!


  1. Oh, happy birthday Steph!! That picture from Jana is just gorgeous, and you got some other nice stuff too.

    They are going to love you in the reef room. I wish I had time to make them a quilt.

  2. I agree with Kate 100% on the water colour!
    Hmm. Can you turn it into a quilt pattern? lol

    What a thoughful mother you have and the rack fits perfectly into that little corner space.

    The blue game(quilt) looks great too!
    "My mum made it!" ^_^

  3. Oh steph...I love your pressies!! Happy Birthday!! My fav is uggies, draws for your stash... pic..mm ok i love em all!! xx