Monday, July 26, 2010

Gathered In

I know its been a quite a long time since my last entry. My excuse is going to be school holidays!
I do love that the government give me a 6 hour break each day from at least 3 of my children.
Not alot of quilting got done but that didn't stop me being creative

Yes that amazing track was built by me and that is Jack loving it!!!!

Well the kids are officially back at school so back to quilting!

Thought I should finish Kate Conklin's "Gathered In" pattern.

It looks quite nice sprawled across my bed, but here's a better look at it

Not bad for my 3rd quilt

This is the back - couldn't leave it plain

Now all that's left is to fold it up and send it to my sister Cheryle

If I can bear to take it off my bed, just kidding.

While I am happy with my efforts you should check out the original Gathered In by Kate Conklin


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  2. I think its beautiful Steph,you are very clever. love always mum.

  3. Hey Lady,
    Looks lovely - good work! Keep smiling cos it's a beautiful one. xx

  4. Brilliant for your third quilt! I love back too and the way you've quilted around the edge with straight line quilting. I'm so chuffed you've used my pattern!

  5. Hey Steph your quilt looks great... ive been trying to hunt down your email... youll never guess.... I put 176 comments from my Giveaway into the Random org thingy... and out popped number 102.... and guess who was number 102?? YOU!! So you win my pattern AND the fabric!! So email me your details and ill get them to you!!! xxxxx