Thursday, February 21, 2013


Last year I started working on a couple of new dolls :)
They are a little more sophisticated that my past attempts.
here and here
I took my inspiration from a couple of different places.
To start with I used this pattern from
I then did my own thing with the hair in fact I used the same technique that I used to make my wigs in this post.

I also found this amazing doll maker here in Australia :)
Trellis Design
Her dolls are beautiful and she seems to make a couple of new ones every week and I find I feel really inspired by her style even though it is a little different from my own.

Now that you have seen my starting point and inspiration I bet you would like to see my dolls :)
This is Mae
She has the same hair and dress and the living doll in this post

This is Marni
My children take dance classes at 

She has a white satin leotard with beading
red felt ballet shoes
blue velvet ribbon for her hair
Marni asked me to help with the Tutus last year so I thought she had better have a red tutu.

Here are her shoes and the back of her leotard

Here is a close up of her face
I was really happy with how she turned out.
The stitches on her mouth were nice and even and that blue star button is awesome!
She really is one of a kind.

Both of these dolls have gone to new homes
Mae went to our ballet teacher Miss Michelle 
Marni went to ... Marni 
(she hangs out at the studio and one of the boys was doing some par de deux with her the other day, very cute)
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Thursday, February 14, 2013


For the love of France

This week is Signature week.
I have never done this week because I haven't been able to identify my signature style?
I have toyed with the idea that I am a story teller/costumer,
but to make it easier on myself I gave this whole season a theme
can you guess what it was?

Little O is all dressed up in a floor length purple pene velvet gown
and ready for a night at the Paris Opera.

It has beautiful butterfly sleeves, a white satin sash with beautiful hand beading 
and she is also wearing a dimonte choker (yep I made that too)

The sash and choker tie neatly at the back

Her purple drill petticoat holds out her dress thanks to the removable boning just under the knee,

and would make a lovely skirt on it own
but Little O is much too much of a lady for that ;)

There it is my signature style/theme
Paris, France

Now PR&P will be on holidays for a few weeks but I wont be. I have several things to show you, including dolls, some fabulous tutus and I'm covering my 2 lounges.
See you soon!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Frogs Legs

The Mens Shirt Challenge

Lime green yep I bought my husband a plain lime green shirt, I know what was I thinking he never wears it so it was perfect for this weeks challenge.

Bianca is a struggling artist in Paris, who has managed to lock herself out of her  
How on earth will she get in?

At least she is dressed well

A black satin skirt with purple trim

A Lime peasant shirt, with gold button, purple trim and pleats for shaping :)

A couple of cuff bracelets with elegant buttons and purple trim

Hang on she only has one don't tell me she left one inside!

All fixed, she just climbed through the window

Its her favourite spot anyway :)

See you next week
p.s. I didn't make the pants :(