Friday, January 18, 2013

PR&P S6 W2

A Little French Circus

Meet 2 very talented sisters in 2 extremely cute costumes :)
This is Little O & Little J

They are running away to join the circus (in Paris of course)

Little J has amazing balance

She wears a modified T-shirt - double collar, bow and applique bird (not pictured)

A beautiful headband

A pretty cuff bangle 

Jester shorts

A huge smile

and one leg warmer

But it would be lonely without Little O, the best big sister to make this a double act :)

Little O has all the tricks

She also has a huge smile

A feather, tulle and fabric covered button hair piece

A snap wrist bangle with huge ribbon flower

A modified T-shirt with lace collar and bird applique

As well as a bubble skirt and lace anklet

Little O sometimes gets discouraged

Will they ever make it to Paris?

but together they know they can conquer the world,
well Grandma Heather's backyard anyway lol

This shoot was a blast. I would like to thank by BFF for loaning me her beautiful children.
On to next week - Boys Week


  1. oh my goodness that is a great photo shoot! how fun and the outfits are great!

  2. I agree, that's an adorable photoshoot and the outfits are fun, stylish
    but also very comfy looking!

  3. This is perhaps one of the cutest photo shoots I've seen! Great outfits and great story! Well done

  4. What fun. I bet they both remember this photo shoot each time they wear their outfits. Very clever head pieces.

  5. These outfits are adorable! I love all the little details, but that lace collar on the red shirt is my favorite!

  6. what a great idea for stripes and pock-a-dots, i love love love the bloomers, they are hand stand approved :P

  7. ADORABLE. I love their outfits and accessories and the photo shoot is sooooo cute!

  8. You are an amazing story teller and have a beautiful family ( even if you borrowed neighbor kids for this phot shoot). I read all of your PRP posts and plan to come back when I have more time. So much fun here!! Great job!