Friday, August 13, 2010


I really am going to work on Jacks quilt and even get it finished before winter is over but I am just so excited by the Princess and the Pea playset that I had to finish the bag.
Has 2 pockets on the front.
One for the doll
One for her pillow and the pea
dolly really enjoyed her photo shoot yesterday so here she is again with her new bag.
Each set contains
1 Princess Doll
1 Pillow
1 Pea
12 Mattresses
1 Story
1 Bag
see it does fit in there snuggly

I have decided to make up a few to sell at a fete sort of thing Brooke Avenue Public School is having in October.
I needed peas though so Martin went through his extensive rang of marbles and found me these.

He could only find 17(one is in the set I already made)
He says the green ones weren't really popular so he didn't have a lot of them lol.

Now I really must get back to Jacks quilt!!!!!!!

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  1. WOW!!! my beautiful creative little sister you are very clever and i am impressed, the princess and the pea was one of my favorite stories growing up, when will i feel the pea and be the princess who lives happily ever after LOL, keep up the great work, Love you and see you soon, Love Cheza xoxo