Friday, January 21, 2011

The only way to get through it!!!!!!!

I really do love my children but school holidays are killing me!!!!
Seriously schools are an awesome invention
So to regain some sanity I decided I better do some creating.
I asked the pre-school (at least they are back already) what they could use in the big kids classroom.
They asked for doll blankets.

The big kids room is called the Rain forest Room
So I tried to stick to greens and browns with just a little colour for fun! 

Just a fairly simple back

Nice for the dolls to have a matching pillow

Here is my latest doll giving it a test drive

Can't just stop at one can I?

Still sticking to the green brown theme but this time with flannel
(from a huge pile Kate Conklin gave me thanx Kate) 

Another matching pillow

Can't say I made this doll but I am sure she is enjoying the rest lol

I took them into the pre-school they loved them!!
It's so nice to give my craft away to people who really appreciate it!


  1. Good one Steph.Practice makes perfect.Love always mum.

  2. Glad to see the fabric going to good use! Thanks Stephanie. They'll be loving you at the Preschool.

    Good luck for the last week of holidays!