Monday, February 7, 2011

Ruby June

This is probably going to sound a little wacky but here goes
About 9 months ago I fell pregnant with child number 6.
I cried for a whole weekend thinking how could I possibly cope with another child.
Being the determined person I am though and believing that all things have purpose I started getting excited about a new little Carnovale.
However at the 12 week ultrasound they told me that the baby had not developed.
More crying and a feeling of being really alone but that determined nature of mine got me through again.
Life goes on and so it did until about a week ago when I started thinking about what it might have been like to be holding my child.
Ok so boohoo for me, lots of women suffer through this without all the carry on.
Here is how I have decided to move forward I'm going to create my own little Carnovale and here she is

This is Ruby June

We have been outside to have a little play
she loves strawberries

climbing in the grapevine

and of course the slide.

Before you all start to think "Oh my she's lost her mind"
Relax it's just a doll, but it made me feel better so why not?


  1. So cute!
    I think that is a mighty clever way to deal with feelings that have no where else to be expressed.
    Just so long as Ruby remains a doll to you! ^_^


  2. Sorry to hear of your loss Stephanie.
    I love that craft can be a positive way to express emotions :)
    Ruby is pretty cute XO

  3. The doll reminds me somewhat of Adara.Love always mum.