Thursday, February 17, 2011

Read the instructions and FOLLOW THEM!!!!!

Ok so I'm trying out a new pattern that hasn't been released yet.
Very excited!!!!!!!
I was trying really hard to read the instructions and follow them but I'm not really good at that.
I have a tendency to read a bit get the idea and then go do what I think (stupid I know)
Anyway was working really hard at following the instructions but thought a step was missing (cause you know I write patterns all the time, I would know better than the author NOT!!!!!)
Anyway I finished the last step of the block

look nice hey

But I had to add another step because the pattern says
"If you have cut accurately and kept to 1/4 " seems you won't have to trim"
Well I didn't, look how much I had to trim :(

At least I had only cut 2.
Lesson "Read the instructions and FOLLOW THEM"


  1. I'm not great at following patterns either! But hey, your blocks look great anyway!

  2. LOL
    Yep! I love the first one. ^_^