Monday, March 16, 2015

Some more RubyJune

I have to tell you I love, love, love the Elise pattern by Little Lizard King
They ran a Sew Along (SAL) on their facebook page last week and I just couldn't help myself.
I wanted to try the new variations and seeing as they only want you to post one picture (I did a collage lol) I thought I would finally do some blogging!

Believe it or not one of the first things I did was choose a model.

Little Miss R takes dance classes with LKJ

As you can see I decided to make a top this time.
I made mine nice and full, I used two full widths and 2 layers!

As part of the SAL they gave us a tutorial for adding a flutter sleeve.
I am so in love with this vintage eyelet, it just looks fabulous (well in my humble opinion lol)

There was also new instructions for the back (I think I actually prefer this to the original halter neck)

Lately I have fallen in love with making my own piping, so I added as much piping as I could too :)
This went great with the new tutorial on adding a collar (the options really are endless with this pattern)

At the end of the SAL they do a little show and tell with prizes but I have to tell you I feel like I already won because Little Miss R loved her new top (I think her mum did too) and that is what I truly enjoy about sewing!!!

If you don't own this pattern yet you should! You can buy it here

Elise Pattern

and here is a link for the

flutter sleeve tutorial

and the 


and the

back bodice loops

Stephanie xoxo

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