Friday, January 27, 2012

Please go back to school!

Monday, I just have to hang in there until Monday.

with the kids home and the weather not exactly your typical Australian summer, I haven't got to do much sewing.
I have however finally found Pinterest.
Yes I know slightly behind the 8ball but I love it.
Found a link to this tutorial
and felt so inspired I made my own

Please forgive my terrible photography, we were loosing the light so did my best.
It looked so cute on my adorable little model that I just had to give it to her. Then her darling mother (Kate) handed me $5 which believe it or not covered my costs. A dress like that for $5 very happy :)

Now if only Monday would hurry up I might be able to sew so more.

Friday, January 20, 2012

What's in a Name

My awesome BFF Kate made me this cute clutch purse/small bag for Christmas.

I absolutely love it!
She used some of my favourite fabric "Prince Charming" and I love my name on it.

A really thoughtful gift 
(better than mine to her - she got fabric)
Anyway turns out it isn't just pretty its practical too as it fits my coin purse(which I take everywhere) as well as my keys, my sun glasses and my earphones (for the gym)
So seeing as I love it so much thought I should copy it and make one for her :)
I happened to have a charm pack of "Prince Charming" that I still hadn't cut into so it was obviously meant to be.
Here they are together

I was really happy with how her name turned out, seeing as hand stitching is not a talent I've really developed.

I also did the whole cover the ends of my zippers thing.

Never done that before

I was quite happy with how they turned out 
(some minor flaws which I will fix next time)

I took my gift round to Kate, she seemed quite happy with it :)

Some people may be asking where is your entry for "Project Run and Play"
(probably not but anyhow)
It was a total disaster this week.
I had an idea of actually working with a vintage 1969pattern I picked up.
Well it seems I learnt a couple of things
1. Children have changed shape since the 60's
2. I don't work well with patterns.
Thankfully I only spent $2 on the material and I can cut it up and make something else lol

I'm not sure if I'll do next week either - its coats and we are in the middle of summer so not feeling very inspired for that one, but we'll see.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boys Week

After a lot of contemplating and complaining that I couldn't think of anything for 
Boys week
I finally have an entry :)

My gorgeous model Jack

I actually got my inspiration for this project from "Oh Fransson"
In November she designed a "Space Invaders Quilt"
I loved it and so nicked the idea then set off to find more space invaders through Google images.

I then drew them up

and rearranged them

I decided not to buy anything for this project as I went a bit crazy with the last one and bought heaps of fabric and notion that I haven't used (oops)
Instead I found an old white t-shirt that had stains all over it 
(I bleached it, which got most of the stains out)
and I found this old pair of pants belonging to me that had holes in the backside (believe it or not from battery acid)

then it was appliqué city
I think I really know my machine now and it knows me 
(I don't think it liked me very much though)
I was going to appliqué the shooters at the bottom but I had this lovely embroidery stitch on the machine that did the job nicely (and quickly)

Jackie loved it!!!!!
He couldn't wait for his photo shoot
The weather was awesome, the perfect day for skateboarding
David felt Jack wasn't going quite fast enough down our very steep driveway so decided to lend a hand

well he seemed ok even though he came off, cause he went straight back up the hill

David also felt the need to model today
(maybe I should have made him a shirt too lol)

BTW Anthony (almost 12) really liked the shirt and wants one in black with plain white space invaders.
I'm one happy mum/designer :)

You can check out the flickr group for all the entries

Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Run and Play

Ok so I've been on Holidays and I meant to post about this before I left but didn't quite get to it.

I have decided to take part in "Project Run and Play" "Sew Along"

I finished my first entry before we left here it is

It was a pattern remix of  The June Bug Dress

I thought it would make a nice Summer Top
(no sleeves 'cause I'm lazy and t-shirts are cheap lol)

It is a bit big for my first little model but it was a bit short for Bianca

This week is boys week and I currently at a loss for what to do. I'm sure I'll think of something lol

Will probably post some pics of the holiday at some stage (hehehehe)