Thursday, April 12, 2012

PRP-Circle Skirt Remix

Well its that time again
Project Run and Play is on again
This week is the Circle Skirt Remix
For those of you who have read my blog before you would know I love this tutorial.
I have done layers with it and used it for costumes but I wanted to do something different.
Then I remembered that I had promised my little friend Ollia a dress, she had picked the fabric but we hadn't finalised a pattern so this is what I came up with

So the top is made from lycra
There are 3 layers on the skirt
Top layer - a heavy printed chiffon
Middle layer - white poplin, slightly longer
Bottom layer - white poplin, 4 inches shorter (gives it a fuller look)
Then some capped sleeves in the chiffon. I used this tutorial.

I went around this morning to show her and have a mini photo shoot

She loved it! YAY!

I also made the pretty headband. I just plaited some of the lycra with suede and a string of beads.

What a princess :)

Straight after the shoot she had to head out to a birthday party - but she didn't get changed :)

she added a coat, still cute

Next week is Sports wear, I've started and Ollia says she is happy to work as a model again.


  1. I love the floatiness of the material! Gorgeous!

  2. Love those circle skirts! I can't believe how grown up Ollie looks! What a cutie.

  3. Beautiful! Love the colors and the little sleeves.