Thursday, April 19, 2012

PRP - Sportswear

This is killing me!!!!!
We are on school holidays here and I am exhausted and just to top it off it has rained heavily all week!
I have however finished this weeks outfit for Project Run and Play.

When I think sportswear I think LYCRA

We have here
1 pair of white bike shorts - cotton Lycra
1 white singlet - cotton Lycra
1 Green skirt with white stripe - one of my old t-shirts and some scrap cotton Lycra
1 purple cropped hoodie - I'm not sure what this fabric is, the docket calls it sea spray its like a thin t-shirt material
1 pair purple leg warmers - sea spray fabric?

I love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How cool is that hoodie?

I am soooo happy with this outfit.
The bike shorts worried me but turned out to be a walk in the park.
I really thought the hoodie would be my favourite item but its not
 that award goes to.....

the leg warmers!
Her mother was devastated that I didn't knit them.
I can knit but lets face it knitting takes forever and I had a week to do the whole outfit.
These were so simple!!!!!!!!!!! and they can be worn so many different ways
(maybe I should do a tutorial)
BTW both of the leg warmers stay up but I thought one up one down looked cute :)

One last detail
See the strap on the singlet.
 I didn't take a photo but the straps cross over at the back.
This sounds weird but I felt like it gave it a sportier feel.

Well there you go sportswear done!
Next week is Earth week I have promised my husband I will make something for one of our children.

Lastly an update on last week.
We didn't win the official sew along but
Ollia didn't stop wearing the dress for days.

It went to 2 birthday parties, the markets and church.
Her mother tells me everyone commented on how lovely it looked.
As far as I'm concerned I WON!!!!!!!!

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