Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saturday Sewing

I know its Wednesday lol

I have just a few minutes to quickly show you the project I put together on Saturday

A good friend of ours moved house on Saturday. My darling husband went and helped but with 5 kids I got stuck at home with ballet and child minding duties (no different to ant other day), but I wanted to do something so I chose to make her a house warming gift.

I had been really wanting to try this tutorial since seeing these cushions here.


Some of this lovely fabric is "French General" thanks to Kate Conklins  scraps she left me when she moved to Adelaide.

Here is a couple of work in progress shots

I was really happy with how the pin-wheels turned out but I didn't do so great on the zip :(

bit wonky and too short

It is however functional and at the back where nobody sees, right?

To finish off my gift I made 3 fabric roses using the same material

You can get that tutorial here.

I felt it was probably a bit hectic to take it around on Saturday so we dropped in Sunday after church. Happy to say my gift was warmly received which is always nice 

Sew Happy :)

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