Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sshh it's a secret

I have been quilting, truely
but I can't show you any photo's as its my mum's 70th birthday present.
I can tell you that I showed it to a friend last night and they said

"Wow, that is awesome, really beautiful"

and Jack tells me  

"it's Beautiful Mum"

Lets hope she likes it!

Can't blog without photos so 
my photos today aren't of quilts (or PPPs)
I am doing a photo shoot on Saturday with the theme 
"Little Red Riding Hood"
I was playing with some of the props and thought I would give this photography thing a try

Table and Chairs (talk about boring)

Love the close-up setting

I think I'm missing something

Yes Jack you do have to leave the T.V. for 5 seconds

I love you too Darling

Hey I can Photoshop!(Badly)

Not as easy as it looks I think I'll leave it to Sosaia for now.


  1. Way to go Jack! Al Fresco - That'll be a Latte thanks ... no, no, no, not Cafe Latte just Latte!

  2. I wanna see photos of your quilt!!