Wednesday, September 1, 2010


A lot of finishing going on here as well as beginnings.

First up we have a blue PPP (Princess and the Pea Playset)

Because these sets promote Literacy I thought this photo might be appropriate

Taken in front of one of our bookcases
(we love to read in our house, even David)

Another project finished is Jack's Quilt

You can buy the pattern for the monsters at "Don't Look Now"

Martin isn't quite sure why I put so much effort into the backs of my quilts.

This is why!!!
Jack actually (his fav word) likes the back better than the front!

There are my finished projects.
Now for my beginnings.

I am going to be working with a photographer as his assistant and office manager.
I will be working for Makalo.Photography
The Facebook page will be up shortly.
But here is a sample of his work.

my beautiful daughter

and this is the amazing stuff you can get with Makalo.Photography

Very excited, better get back to it!!!


  1. Back and front turned out excellent! Jack's a lucky boy, actually! lol

    That is an amazing pic of Adara ~ "Goddess Of The Storm Clouds"!

    With this new business role that you have taken on I expect the next sewing project will be hand sewn photo frames and album covers!! ^_^

  2. Your monsters quilt looks gorgeous! And its the perfect size for preschool. The teachers are going to be so impressed. And those princess and pea kits are coming along beautifully!

  3. Yes i think the back needs tlc too!! it looks great!! xx the monsters are adorable and i love how you put it together xx