Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fete or Fate

I am totally loving sewing right now.
Who knew that being crafty could be so rewarding!!!

Our school is having its 25th Anniversary this year so we are organising a birthday party which includes a fete.
I have decided to have a stall (scary)
I will sell my PPP's and Naughts and Crosses sets (N&C)

Just finished my first Green PPP

see my new feature?
a decorative binding (Fancy)

A pirate N&C

and another new feature 
a closing strap (for want of a better name)

still has the pocket with the pieces on the back
but now you can see the clever new strap with velcro.

I will also display Jack's Quilt and Mum's Quilt, so people can see what else I do.

just a little sneak peak 
(yes they are pins)

Better get back to sewing.
Have a great day!

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