Friday, August 23, 2013

Now For Something Different

My Sister-in-Law is getting married in just a few short weeks :)
Unfortunately she is a reluctant bride
Now don't get me wrong she is happy to be married, it's just the whole wedding thing that doesn't look good to her. Even tougher for her is the fact that she is the only daughter in her family. That of course means my Mother-in-Law only gets to do this once so she is going the whole hog lol.
I managed to avoid most of the clashes :)
but I did offer to help with the bridal shower

I got to do the gift bags

The wedding has a snow theme
They are getting married on the slopes :)
For the shower they picked white and blue
White for the Snow
Blue for the Sky

This is what I put in each bag

Some lollies, a Raffaello (snow ball lol) and some sour hearts

Our blushing bride to be wanted no silly games but her mother felt we needed something to pass the time, the solution quiet independent games with a lovely scented pen.

For a wedding in the snow you will need a scarf :)

To finish it off a miniature snow globe - a cute keepsake

All fits beautifully in these white paper bags with blue and white flowers and ribbons

Lastly a surprise
A garter - but what it's for is a secret shhh

I had a lot of fun making these, I learnt heaps of new skills and used up lots of creativity, now I just have to hope everyone else loves it too :)

Stephanie xoxo

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