Monday, August 19, 2013

A pep talk and a peplum

Yes I know its been a long, long time coming but finally here is my review of the


I love this pattern!!!!!!
These two little darlings are quite slim 
and this pattern made it very easy to adjust for that perfect fit.

 In fact Miss J is only a size 2 in width but a 7 in length

And Miss O is a 8 in length but a 5 in width

The only difficulty I had with the pattern was attaching the collar, it was always too big and the tutorial did say that might be the case and just to adjust it when attaching which I did, but with that in mind I would say this is a pattern for an 
intermediate sewer (or adventurous beginner).

Would I make more of them?
You bet! (I already have)

Don't forget to get a copy for yourself :)


Stephanie xoxo


  1. Hi! It's Cecilia from Lily Bird Studio.
    I just found your post. Thank you for posting about my pattern. I loved the tops you made! And loved the pictures of the 2 little princesses!

  2. I just shared a link to this post on my FB page