Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Too Kool for Skool"

Little Kool J (LKJ)
Watch out Little Ladies LKJ is in the house 
(or out of the house I'm not real sure lol)
This little guy will have them dropping like flies
LKJ is ready for anything
perhaps you need a date for the prom
He can certainly impress on the dance floor

He can lay it on for ya mother or play it kool for your friends
and he'll make you catch your breath with his death defying stunts

Oh no there are 2 of you ?
No problems he's got a brother
Little Kool D (LKD)

There you have it my entry for 
week 1

My Outfit includes
1  fully lined blue velvet jacket 
Pattern base : The Little Gentleman Suit Jacket by Peek-a-boo
with Denim pockets and gold decorative stitching
The denim pockets were from a pair of jeans I bought tat were too big :)
I loved the pockets though and I think they give the jacket a slightly grungy feel while still looking really dressy.
1 refashioned white shirt
found in the throw away pile (had lost all it's buttons)
new and extra buttons, button holes and decorative gold stitching.
I love the look of double buttons, I redid all the button holes as well as adding the extra ones so they would all look the same.
1 traditional bow tie
while that tutorial will work fine I will at some stage write up how to make your own pattern because I couldn't get their idea to work other than to trace one but then my mathematical brain kicked in now I know how it works :)
I used a double layer of heavy interfacing to make it fuller. I watched a video(don't know which one) on how to tie a bow tie and it suggested to use thicker fabric for a fuller look but I love this fabric and it is wafer thin so hence the interfacing.
1 pair of suspenders

Black elastic, button holes to attach to the pants and gold decorative stitching
Just two long pieces of elastic, they cross over at the back.
Not really interesting I know but now I will tell you about my gold decorative stitching (also seen on the Jacket and Shirt). I used two threads in the top of the machine and two threads in the bobbin  I was so worried the bobbin ones wouldn't work, but they did, no problems. The colours I used were brown and a non-shiny gold. Gives it that grungy
dressed up feel again :)
1 pair skinny leg elasticated grey drill pants with contrasting pockets
To make my pattern I traced around some pj’s and then took 2 inches off the width of each pattern piece.The contrasting pockets are the same fabric as the bow tie. For some reason I have gotten into the habit of using 4 million different fabrics for one outfit so I do like to have crossovers so it doesn't just look like I closed my eyes and hoped for the best as I put it together lol.
There are buttons inside the pants at the front and the back to attach the suspenders.

Well that felt like 2 posts lol
Now if you love this as much as I do (and I totally love it!!!!!)
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Stephanie xoxo


  1. Blue Velvet Blazer! YES.

    Also ADORABLE photos oh goodness, what a little poser!

  2. I'm in love with that velvet jacket... And how cute and funny he is?!

  3. Your boys are a.dor.a.ble!!!! So cute and full of personality! I love the look!!!

  4. I love that jacket! I think I would want one for me:)

  5. I really love the shirt detailing, especially. And I anticipate your bow tie tutorial will change my life for the better.

  6. The blue velvet is a great choice! The outfit turned out really nice!