Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm in love

I spent some time at our local Trash 'n' Treasure this week :)
I have fallen hopelessly in love with lace trim after my last post but I'm on this really limited sewing budget right now.
The only way around it was to head to "Clarksons"
They have everything there from food to books, cosmetics and even house paint but they have quite a large sewing section. There is a lot of fabric but you really have to look hard to find the good stuff 
However there are plenty of other sewing treasures :)
I had $36.90 in my wallet and knew if I put anything on the credit card Martin (my darling husband) would know what I had been up to (might not be quite so darling then lol)

My first stop was buttons.
There is a heap of options at 20cents a button

I have only ever used cheap thread :)
Spotlight (Joanns) charge me $2 per 1000m roll, Clarksons 50cents.

How about elastic lace? Yep they have that too.
Each roll was $2

White lace trim by the roll

Yes that says 307 metres (over 1000 feet)
$5 each

More lace trim
Soft blue, red, pink, black and green.
$2 a roll

The red one say 400m :D

Well under budget!

I spent the rest of the money getting little David some lollies, that way I was happy and so was he.
Now remember don't tell Martin lol

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  1. I LOVE STRETCH LACE. I had to buy a few cards of it from eBay because Spotlight was too exxy for me. This was way back when I was studying, I used it on trim for basically everything I made myself. Now I don't make stuff for myself as much I don't use it! Better change that :D