Thursday, October 4, 2012

PR&P S5 Boys Week

I know I said I had problems and had run out of time but well things change
Go figure?

Something simple for my Jack

One pair of Cargo pants

To make these I actually modified an overall pattern
Now I don't buy a lot of patterns, but from time to time I will buy one that I know I can modify in lots of different ways easily and I have with this one 
(believe it or not it was also the base for Bianca's pants last week)
The fabric is a stretch poplin with a quilting fabric for the pockets "Asian Waves"
(Yes that is right Adara is still in Japan and I am missing her hence more Japanese themes lol)

One Vest

I just used a vest we already had as a pattern. I didn't even add buttons or button holes but then it looked really plain so I added the tie at the back with the Asian Waves fabric.

One T-Shirt with tie.

Ok I love to cheat, I just bought the shirt come on it was $3.50 I'm just not going to make one when they are that cheap.
I used the Asian Wave fabric again so that it would stand out with the vest.
I was going to simply appliqué the tie on but thought it would be cooler to appliqué the top but leave the bottom section loose so it was more like a real tie.

So that's my Boys Week outfit, I'm happy with it and so is Jack.

I didn't leave David out though in fact I started with David and it was disastrous which is why I nearly didn't do this week. Oh well he likes them (but I'm not posting a picture) and I will make him a nice set like Jack's only in blue or maybe red 
(I have the Asian Waves in both colours lol)

Adara is home tomorrow very excited!

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