Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mix & Match

Jack is off to a birthday party today for a little girl in his class.
I told her mother I would make her a dress but decided to make a whole closet full of clothes
(well almost but not quite)

I chose 3 colours for my palate.
Pink, Yellow and Turquoise.
I picked those colours because the singlets came in a pack of 3 in those colours.
I didn't buy anything else for this project.
My stash is getting huge and Martin said perhaps I should try sewing with some of it lol.

I made 2 skirts.
This first one is quilting cotton.
It is just a 3 layer simple elastic waist skirt.
The difference in length for each layer is 2 inches.

The second one is made from seersucker and is just a little more subtle in colour.
other than the fabric it is exactly the same as the other one :)

Each singlet was embellished differently to help them look a little less like singlets ;)

The clip/hairpin was an after thought to mix things up.
I love these backs with a pin and a clip.

All up I am very happy.
For those of you wondering why I didn't do a signiture style for PR&P I just don't know what it is yet.
Maybe I will know for next season.

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