Friday, August 3, 2012

Queen of Hearts

Adara our 14 year old went to 
The Mad Hatters Youth Ball
The Queen of Hearts

I made her costume (cause I'm such a great mum)

It included a red crushed velvet dress (full circle skirt & puff sleeves)
Silk Apron skirt
Red Satin corset (bones and all) with gold laces and rose appliqué (you can see it in the last picture) 
Her gloves are converted knee high socks
and a key charm to unlock her heart on a leather cord around her neck.

I also made this gorgeous mini top hat. 
I f you have read my previous post you would know that I made 10 different hats :)
I also put those cute little hearts on her face

 I also helped her friend Cody put together a costume
(bit of a funky white rabbit)

It was an awesome night!
I think of course that she looked
The Belle of the Ball

p.s. I have decided to enter this for the audition for the next season of Project Run and Play so wish me luck :)

p.p.s. The first photo and the last photo were taken at the ball by Natalie Latu Photography
Thanks Natalie :)

Thought I would add one more pic :)

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  1. So cute! I love their selfies together ahhaa, so cute and teenagery ^_^