Thursday, June 7, 2012

Promises Kept

As Bianca promised in my last post she wore her Elizabeth Bennet dress to church.
We decided to curl her hair as there was no way she was going to wear the bonnet :)

Everyone loved it but she hasn't worn it again.
Why not? I hear you say
Well that is because of another promise.
I promised to make my mother in law a laptop satchel for Mothers Day.
I kept my promise too
Here it is

It is the prettiest one I have ever seen
(maybe too pretty lol)
It's made of dusty pink velvet with brown velvet ribbon and antique looking lace.

Recognise that beautiful brooch?
That's right it was on Bianca's dress
(I will try to get another one for Bi)

The strap is adjustable

 The front flap opens to reveal 3 pockets at the bottom and a zip pocket at the top

The main pocket is lined with quilted pink satin.

I found this bag really hard to make and don't think I would attempt another one. As for my mother in law I don't think she liked it (bit too girly) oh well can't win them all.

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