Thursday, May 10, 2012

PRP-Movie Week-Elizabeth Bennet

I am madly in love with "Pride and Prejudice" 
My favourite is the BBC's 1995 production
I watch it all the time!
My 12 year old son rolls his eyes at me in the afternoon when he gets home and its on
"Don't you own any other dvds mum?"
Project Run and Play are doing movie week so I just had to do my own version of 


Colin Ferth is hottttt!!!!!!!!!!Jennifer Ehle is ok too

My model (my own child this week-Bianca 10yrs) looks a little more like Keira Knightly in the 2005 movie

So here she is

Up first is one very long but extremely simple dress

I simple used this peasant top tutorial with some modifications
Firstly the bodice length goes all the way to the floor and the width is 56cm (half the width of the material)
each sleeve is also half the width of the material. This of course makes it quite full and puffy looking with very little effort from me :)

The velvet sash goes under the bust and is tied in a bow at the back.
The flowers and beads are a brooch which I picked up at the last craft fair.

I am totally in love with this bonnet
It took every bit of my creativity to come up with it. I looked at lots of tutorials but nothing was really what I wanted so I came up with my own, it took hours but it turned out great.
It is velvet and my goodness is velvet hard to work with, there are tiny bits of it everywhere!
The feathers came from a feather duster, the ballet pink ribbon came from an old pair of ballet shoes, the heart is a button, and those pink things in the middle are sewing pins. I love finding things around the house and making them work overtime :)

So what's the verdict from Bianca

She thinks she looks just like Elizabeth Bennet (or maybe Jo from Little Women - she wasn't real sure lol)
Apparently she will wear the dress to church but NOT the bonnet.
I'm happy with that because the bonnet fits me and I'll do my knitting and hand sewing with it on and pretend I'm Elizabeth Bennet :)


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  2. this is what I wanted to do for PR&P movies week, something inspired by Jane Austen.
    this turned out lovely, you did a wonderful job !

  3. Just came over to see more photos. You are AWESOME!!!
    Seriously...modifying a peasant dress...and making that killer hat????

  4. I just saw that Liz already commented but this warrants more comments.

    You. ARe. Amazing! The whole concept is so perfectly done! (Said in my best Jane Austen british accent ;)