Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I just don't want to

I've got quite a bit to do right now, but I just don't want to :(
So I'll sew instead :)
Here is the progress I've made on my "Fussy Fairytales" Quilt

Couldn't pick between the 2 shots.
It's supposed to be finished by Saturday
Better get back to it ;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Then there was 2

Thats right can't just make one lol
a pretty purple one to make a nice set!

I am very happy with how these turned out, because they are small I was able to concentrate on seam allowances and quilting. I really feel like I'm starting to get there as a quilter!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Whatever you want to call it, I love it.

Put it together Friday.

It is for one of Jack's teachers as she is finishing up with her studies and not staying at the school :(

I made it using some of a jelly roll I bought at Spotlight
(they just love sending me those spend $100 only pay $60 vouchers)
(I love spending them lol)

Just a simple back.
I used drill and I must say I'm really happy with the feel of it.
Feels like it could withstand almost anything.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Read the instructions and FOLLOW THEM!!!!!

Ok so I'm trying out a new pattern that hasn't been released yet.
Very excited!!!!!!!
I was trying really hard to read the instructions and follow them but I'm not really good at that.
I have a tendency to read a bit get the idea and then go do what I think (stupid I know)
Anyway was working really hard at following the instructions but thought a step was missing (cause you know I write patterns all the time, I would know better than the author NOT!!!!!)
Anyway I finished the last step of the block

look nice hey

But I had to add another step because the pattern says
"If you have cut accurately and kept to 1/4 " seems you won't have to trim"
Well I didn't, look how much I had to trim :(

At least I had only cut 2.
Lesson "Read the instructions and FOLLOW THEM"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

OK I was looking around blog land on Saturday when I found this tutorial from "cloud9 fabrics".
Had to give it a go, sooo easy
How do you think I did?

I did make a mistake when cutting the fabric so my pocket is a little smaller ( I still like it)
I also had to make the heart template bigger, but it still took less than an hour to put together!!!!

Just for fun here it is photoshopped lol

Happy Valentine's day <3

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well I think it's COOL

Put this outfit together for my beautiful daughter.

Shirt $8
Shorts $10
Headband $4
Flower Brooch $6
Total Cost $28
Very Happy :)
Of course when I say i put it together i mean Designed and sewed lol

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ruby June

This is probably going to sound a little wacky but here goes
About 9 months ago I fell pregnant with child number 6.
I cried for a whole weekend thinking how could I possibly cope with another child.
Being the determined person I am though and believing that all things have purpose I started getting excited about a new little Carnovale.
However at the 12 week ultrasound they told me that the baby had not developed.
More crying and a feeling of being really alone but that determined nature of mine got me through again.
Life goes on and so it did until about a week ago when I started thinking about what it might have been like to be holding my child.
Ok so boohoo for me, lots of women suffer through this without all the carry on.
Here is how I have decided to move forward I'm going to create my own little Carnovale and here she is

This is Ruby June

We have been outside to have a little play
she loves strawberries

climbing in the grapevine

and of course the slide.

Before you all start to think "Oh my she's lost her mind"
Relax it's just a doll, but it made me feel better so why not?