Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Happy Dance

Yay I got my camera back!
Oh how I have missed it, it takes the most beautiful pictures :)

Helps to have a gorgeous subject <3

I also won some really cool shorts from Safron Craig's blog

Yep 2 pairs 
(pics are from her blog - not my boys)
They will be going under the Christmas tree for Jack and David.
I must say as well as looking funky they are really well made. The company is Mida.
You can check them out here

I have been doing a lot of Christmas present sewing but sent it off with out taking pictures oops

I did make this for the pre-school

What is it? I hear you say
It's a house bag
A house bag for who?

For dolly peg people of course ;)

One of the teachers at the school had started the bag she did all the piecing and hand quilting.
I then sewed it up lined it and add the plaited wool strap.
I made the peg people too.
I think it's really cute.
Lets hope the kids like it just as much :)

I should get back to my sewing.
Merry Christmas

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