Thursday, March 3, 2011

My husbands other wife is having a baby

It's all right it's not his.
Martin doesn't really have another wife (we are Mormons so we just think that kind of thing is funny lol)
My husband is very smart he has worked out that if you want to do well at anything you need a woman helping you. Now I am pretty awesome but there are some things I can't do and study with him while he was at uni was one of those things, so he had Vanessa.
Did this make me jealous - you bet!!!!
I got over it though when I met her and she was nice, then she got married (not to my husband lol)and now she is having a baby.
I just had to make her a quilt when I heard the exciting news 
and here it is
and here is the back
Because this was a fairly simple quilt and only cot sized I did different quilting for each piece.
I am really happy with it :)


  1. Now she can be jealous of your talents.Wow!now your even.Love always Mum xxoo.

    Well done!
    Oh the quilt is good too. ^_^