Friday, March 25, 2011

Adara, a teenager? already?

Well not quite, her birthday is coming up.
My little girl will be 13 (I must be getting old)
She wanted a quilt so here is the top of it

Adara helped to design it :)

Each square has a strip of pink,blue, yellow and purple fabric.

There are four different blacks around each one

We were originally going to do each block as four different materials of the same colour

But decided we liked this better

Now she doesn't want it to be a quilt though as she is getting a feather doona from her Nanny.
I am going to turn it into more of a blanket.
Will post more when its done :)


  1. I love it, stylish!
    Maybe it can be for summer when a Doona will be too hot!

  2. Thats right.I use mine al the time even in summer.Love always mum xx oo.