Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Cheeks

A Review
as promised :)
 I think there is nothing cuter than ruffle bottoms on a baby girl, so lets put them on one :)
Introducing Baby T <3
When I decided to make some of these ruffle bottoms I looked at masses of patterns. I wanted to make sure I got one that didn't have that saggy butt look, I was also worried about ruffle placement, not too long  that it looks like half a skirt and not too short that it doesn't cover the bottom of the pant. This pattern was perfect!!!!
No saggy butt for Baby T
The pattern itself was easy to follow, nothing terribly tricky. 
The step by step tutorial was very clear.
I really like that each size had its own pattern, that way you can print off just what you need and not worry if you are cutting along the right line (I've made some mistakes with that before)
The only thing I did different from the pattern was the hems on the ruffles. I have a fabulous rolled hem foot on my Janome. I love it, it small, neat and requires very little fabric! I also added the lace to each ruffle.
Of course we can't have Baby T getting around in just her ruffle bottoms, so I embellished this singlet with a scrap fabric button flower and made her this cute lace flower headband.

Want to make some of your own ruffle bottoms?
I would definitely get this pattern


Stephanie xoxo

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