Thursday, February 7, 2013


Frogs Legs

The Mens Shirt Challenge

Lime green yep I bought my husband a plain lime green shirt, I know what was I thinking he never wears it so it was perfect for this weeks challenge.

Bianca is a struggling artist in Paris, who has managed to lock herself out of her  
How on earth will she get in?

At least she is dressed well

A black satin skirt with purple trim

A Lime peasant shirt, with gold button, purple trim and pleats for shaping :)

A couple of cuff bracelets with elegant buttons and purple trim

Hang on she only has one don't tell me she left one inside!

All fixed, she just climbed through the window

Its her favourite spot anyway :)

See you next week
p.s. I didn't make the pants :(


  1. This is so pretty. I love the cuff bracelets too!

  2. Brilliant idea! I love the tiny details.

  3. I seriously thought that first pic was your "inspiration". You did an amazing job and your daughter is gorgeous! :D

  4. Ha, I was wondering what my husband would say if I bought him a lime green shirt, I don't think he would wear it either! It looks gorgeous on your daughter though, I love what you did with it and the color looks great on her!

  5. What a great color on her! His loss is her gain. I love the looks so stylish.

  6. Love the story!! You have beautiful trims!

  7. Oh goodness how gorgeous is your little model? Lucky to have dancers in the family :D