Friday, August 3, 2012

Queen of Hearts

Adara our 14 year old went to 
The Mad Hatters Youth Ball
The Queen of Hearts

I made her costume (cause I'm such a great mum)

It included a red crushed velvet dress (full circle skirt & puff sleeves)
Silk Apron skirt
Red Satin corset (bones and all) with gold laces and rose appliqué (you can see it in the last picture) 
Her gloves are converted knee high socks
and a key charm to unlock her heart on a leather cord around her neck.

I also made this gorgeous mini top hat. 
I f you have read my previous post you would know that I made 10 different hats :)
I also put those cute little hearts on her face

 I also helped her friend Cody put together a costume
(bit of a funky white rabbit)

It was an awesome night!
I think of course that she looked
The Belle of the Ball

p.s. I have decided to enter this for the audition for the next season of Project Run and Play so wish me luck :)

p.p.s. The first photo and the last photo were taken at the ball by Natalie Latu Photography
Thanks Natalie :)

Thought I would add one more pic :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

You used to be much more..."muchier." You've lost your muchness.

I've been feeling a little this way lately, so I'm going to find my muchness :)

I have had Alice on my mind lately as I just took a van load of girls to a Mad Hatters Ball.
What do you need to look awesome at a Mad Hatters Ball?
A Hat of course!

Cheshire Cat

March Hare


The White Queen

Antique looking - No character

Small Teal - No character

Blue/Black/Gold - No character

Orange - No character (my hat)

White Rabbit

I love them all but the best by far was the one I made my daughter

The Queen of Hearts

What a beautiful girl :D

To get some of my muchness back I'm thinking of auditioning for the next Project Run and Play Series.
I will use the costume I made for Adara
So stay tuned for that post :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I have been writing blog posts in my head for the last month but some how not getting them actually written.
I've been sewing heaps, I just really love it. In fact I will put off almost anything to sew!
OK here are some of the things I have been working on that haven't made it to the blog until now

All of these skirts were mage using this fabulous and easy tutorial
Simple Skirt Tutorial

Over at Simple Simon & Co they are hosting "Skirting the Issue"
They have been making skirts for foster kids, and posting at least 1 tutorial everyday for the last month :D
I wanted to be a part of the program but I don't live in the States so I contacted "Infinite Opportunities" to see if they were interested in taking the skirts and of course they said yes.
We have been making their emergency bags at church but they don't normally have a skirt in them. Anyway I talked with the lady who was running our activity about it and she thought this would be a great activity for the women at church. From this point we have had some huge miracles. You see we didn't have any budget left to make the skirts, so how were we going to do it?
First up we had an elderly lady in our ward die (this is sad, but...) she left the church 4 big boxes of fabric (YAY)
Then we went to get the elastic. I had found some great elastic a few months ago at our local Trash and Treasure shop it was only $20 for a 50m roll. We hoped to find just $20 in the budget but to great surprise it was marked down to $5 a roll making it 10c a metre(YAY).
We are so excited to say the least, we were hoping to make 20 skirts but I'm thinking 50 would be better!
We are running a little late as the program ends on the 10th of August 2012. We will have 1 sewing day before that. Of course this doesn't have to end on the 10 th in fact we have 2 other sewing days scheduled.
I have made 2 skirts to spark some interest.

And my last skirt I'm posting today is by far my favourite (only finished it yesterday)

It has 3 layers, a gather, and a removable rose pin/hair clip.
I love it!!!!!!!
Anyway best leave it there for now, I have been doing some "boy" sewing as well, but this post is long enough and the family needs me.
Have a great day!!!!!