Friday, August 26, 2011


Martin and I just got back from the most glorious holiday in Cairns (without the kids)
We went for a whole week!
Must send a big thank you to everyone who helped look after our kids xoxoxo
Here are a couple of pics of my fabulous underwater photography

Ok so now I have made you slightly envious should probably show some sewing pics.
Remember the quilt top I made Anthony well I did actually finish it :)
Lovely sunny day here :)

When I went to put the quilt together I decided it needed to be longer so I added strips at the top and bottom

The quilting was just inside the red blocks blocks in black thread

I changed the pattern for the back too, as money was tight at the time so I had to use fabric I already had.
Anthony loves it and it's really well used.

I have also been working on a quilt for me (finally)
I am working slowly with this quilt along (link)
Will post some pics when I take some lol

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