Monday, May 2, 2011

Anthony's Quilt

It is hard to make quilts for older boys!!!!
I have been putting off doing one for Anthony as it just seemed to hard but he has been begging me.
During the holidays I sat down with him and we came up with this.

Then we picked colours.
He wanted red, black and grey.
I made copies of the design and coloured them in.
When we had it how we liked it I went to work

He loves it!!!!!!!
Now I have to finish the back and quilt it (knowing me that could take awhile)

On a separate note Martin and I went away for the weekend to Sydney with some friends.
We had a great time
I thought I would share a picture from the apartment's lounge room window

Nice hey?
Now back to reality!


  1. Now that boy definitely has taste and style. I like it. Even at the design stage it looked good.

    Oh yeah That sure looks like a nice place to visit for awhile. Lucky you.

  2. Really like it Steph.Nice view too.Love mum.