Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Something quick

I have been busy sewing gifts and so forth for Christmas ( will show you at some point) but I felt like a needed a quick project.
So I picked books.

(I tried to look for the page where I first got the idea but can't find it oops)
These are so much fun to make.
It is much easier to sew paper than material lol

size b5 pink

size b5 green

size b5 black

smaller ones using scraps.

Seeya going to make some more :)

Answers to a couple of questions
1 Are there pages? Yes between 20 and 40 they are blank.
2. Are the covers material or paper? They are paper 
3. Do you make them from scratch or just cover them? I made them from scratch and they are so easy!!!!!

Maybe I will do a tutorial, I'll think about it.


  1. Very nice. So the family blood runs in your viens! Printers and Book Binders! LOL

  2. Did you cover books with paper or fabric, or did you make the book from scratch? They look lovely!