Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Newcastle Stake Ball

I have been sooooo busy lately. Finished quilting mums quilt just have to bind it.
Made a money apron (my first special custom order, YAY)
I'm working on the kids school 25th Anniversary Gala Day ( fancy name for a fete, this Saturday)
and I helped with the Stake Ball last Friday night. It was a 1920's Gala 
(what is with that word it's everywhere)
It was awesome and here are some pics to prove it!!!!!

First up the food was amazing!

they tasted as good as they look, mmmm yum

The decorations where cool too, This was my favourite silhouette.

We had a live band
I know that this isn't a great photo for detail but if you look at the dancers on the floor it's like they aren't really there, like they are ghosts from the 1920's (cool hey?)

So what did I do on the night?
I ran a photobooth 
here it is

People got to take away a black and white photo in a lovely little folder as a souvenir

Here is Marty and me.
I made my costume and I got his at the op shop.
It really was awesome!

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