Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family Tree

I have been feeling rather creative lately and thought it might be fun to try something for my mother in law (very scary).
Anyway I love trees and family trees too, so a "family tree cushion" is my new project.
Started by designing the tree.
Each bough represents a person in the family.
The centre bough is the parents each bow coming off is a child and then each one of a particular bough is that child's family ( I hope that made sense).
Then when I was happy with the layout I started working on the fabric,
with stuff I already had (been put on a budget - currently $0)

I'm happy so far and that will do for today.


  1. LOVE the tree. It's going to look gorgeous. The leaves are rather big for the tree though... may want to think about that:)

  2. Thanks Kate
    When I put the tree on fabric it will be larger, so then I can have the large bird and leaves.

  3. The balance in the composition with the large colourful leaves and bird standing out on the tree is what makes this design unique and interesting!