Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Had a few quilting mishaps lately
Here is the first

I decided to do this quilt along
I was happy with how each block turned out but when I went to put them together the rows would just not line up. Very disappointing!
How ever I have not let it defeat me, I am going to add sashing between each row and that should fix it :)

Spotlight wanted some 12 1/2 inch squares for some quilt they were making. it was supposed to be spring colours

I tried to adapt Kate Conklins fussy cut squares with floating boarder but I got my measurements terribly wrong. It's ok and they seemed happy with it :)

I am also working on a baby quilt for a friend. It was going along brilliantly but I ended up having some problems with the quilting :(
Haven't taken any pictures but I have managed to fix it and when its finished I'll post some.

I am going to blame these little disasters on DIETING or lack of SUGAR!!!!!
Can't be too upset though I've lost 4kg in 3 weeks
Have a great sewing day!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little and Quick!

Anyone for dinner at my place?

Now my table can look this good for 8 people 
I think I should start entertaining again :)

I have been off sugar for 9 days now and the only way to keep away from the fridge/cupboard is to sew
I started by making this cute table runner

Not my normal colour/fabric selection but something about these fabrics grabbed me and I was quite happy with how it turned out,
but what's a table runner without place mats?

I made them reversible , so one side is green and one side is blue.
I machine stitched the binding, 
which I made using my bias tape maker :)
Had some problems but all in all very happy with the outcome.

So here is the set without all the paraphernalia.
All I need now for that dinner party is
more chairs and more cutlery!
Some guest might be nice too LOL