Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat

Where have you been?
I've been to London to visit the Queen"

I wish lol

So what have I been up to this last month?
I have been sewing a bit, trying some new patterns.
I thought I might do some reviews just for fun 
(no designer asked me and I paid for all the patterns)
Over the next little while I will do some show and tell on these patterns

Diaper cover pattern

Lily Bird Studio PDF sewing pattern Amy's peplum top / blouse -  12 mths to 10 yrs - overskirt, mandarin style collar, ruffle sleeves

Image of Little Gentleman Suit Jacket: 3 mos. - 12 years
(I know I have talked about this one before but I'm doing something a little different with it)

I have linked these all back to the designers own page but I buy all my patterns through
I love that you can compare different patterns for the same kind of item and pick the one that best suits you. I also love that they are all pdf so I can get started right away :)

I will start with the Ruffle Bottoms from "Mama Can Do It" on Monday.
See you then

Stephanie xoxo

Monday, May 13, 2013

And the winner is......

Comment 311
Melissa Corry
who said
"I am following :)"
I guess it pays to be a follower lol
I did check out her other comment which said her favourite blog was "Cluck, Cluck, Sew"
I like that one as well :)
I also want to tell you the 2 patterns Melissa picked as they are gorgeous
From "Kate Conklin Designs" we have

and from "Chasing Cottons" we have
Great picks :)

I have to tell you I was amazed at how many entries my little giveaway got and very excited to see some new followers.
I have decided that I will put together a list of all the blogs that got a mention, but you will have to be patient as I will have to go through 694 comments!!!!!!

Stephanie xoxo

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bow Ties are Cool

Dr Who is of course the ultimate source for all things stylish in men's fashion right now

today I'm going to show you how I drafted my bow tie for LKJ.

Lets start by gathering our supplies
you will need
4 pieces of paper (or 2 really long pieces)
sticky tape
measuring tape
scissors for cutting paper

Step 1
You need to decide what size bow you would like. LKJ's is a fairly standard size bow.
2 3/4" high
so mark this measurement along the short edge of 1 piece of paper

Step 2.
Now decide how wide you want the bow. LJK's is
2 1/4"
So rule a line half way between your first measurent out 2 1/4"

Fold your paper along that last line

measure down 1" and mark
Join the 2 marks

To give it a softer feel you can make this line curvy like I did with LKJ's

Step 6.
cut along the line

Step 7.
This is where I felt I really got clever lol
Unfold your paper then fold the first part up and trace it
(sounds weird here is a picture)

Step 8.
Fold it in half again and cut along that line
now it looks like this

Step 9.
Repeat step 7

Step 10.
Now lay it flat and fold it in half again
we are now going to make the bit that goes around the neck.
I made my neck piece 1" wide so its easy to tie and sits under the collar nicely.
From the fold measure down 1/2"

Step 11.
Make the 2 end point meet up
as in picture bellow

Step 12
Measure out knot allowance 2 1/2"

Step 13
Measure out 1/2 your neck measurement
(You will now need to stick a second piece of paper to the first for length)
LKJ's measurement was 9 1/2"
so we measure out 4 3/4"

Step 14 
cut it out, open it up and 
1 bow-tie pattern

At this point it doesn't have seam allowances so add those however works for you
here is how I did it

Now don't add seam allowances to the end as this is where you fold your material

Ok that's it, You're done!

Couldn't have put it better myself

Stephanie xoxo

Linked up here :)

Monday, May 6, 2013


Ok ever since I started blogging I have wanted to host a giveaway on 
Sew, Mama, Sew's giveaway day, and this time I finally am. YAY!!!!

What's up for grabs?
$25 gift voucher from
Hawthorne Threads Logo Image
$10 gift voucher from
1 Pattern from
Kate Conklin Designs
and 1 Pattern from
Chasing          Cottons

How's that for my first giveaway day :)

So what do you have to do to win?
Leave me 1 comment telling me your favourite blog 
(other than mine of course)
and if you are a follower or become a follower of my blog you can leave me a second comment.

This giveaway is open internationally and will end on May 10th 2013.
I will pick the winner randomly on May 11th.

Well wasn't that fun.
Want some more fun come back tomorrow for my tutorial on how to draft your own traditional bow-tie  :D

Stephanie xoxo
AND THE WINNER IS click here